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Sheep Trick

Fiber-Inspired Sparks

So Many Crafts
9 September
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I am a twenty-something with a passion for all things crafty. If people make it, I'm interested in learning more about it. My first love is knitting, which I started in 2006. I currently work at the largest yarn store in America, which has allowed me to explore crochet, weaving, and spinning as well. I instantly fell in love with weaving and spinning, and I'm slowly working on improving my crochet.

Even though I need more hobbies like I need a hole in the head, I have recently taken up soap making, candle making, and scrapbooking too. I really enjoy the process of starting with raw materials, putting in some work, and creating something entirely by myself. I love giving my work away as gifts; I got the pleasure of making the project, so I want others to be able to enjoy the finished product.